A different point of view


The Lake District is full of so many familiar views. You may not know where they are from, but you know you’ve seen it before. For instance, this view of the “jaws of Borrowdale” not only features in thousands of tourist photos each year, but also appears in Star Wars the force awakens. It’s one thing to expect to see it on a tin of Lake District biscuits, but something completely different to see it as the background for a major Sci-Fi movie. It’s amazing how your impressions of a place can change simply by looking at things from another point of view.

To take this picture I moved away from the “traditional” shooting locations (Keswick boat landings, Friar’s Crag or Hope Park) to somewhere more inaccessible. Well that’s not quite true, if you have a canoe then you too could get there. Even the shooting conditions aren’t what they seem. At the time I was coaching a group of Explorer scouts on a water sports session. Just out of shot there is carnage and mayhem as 14 teenagers engage in a version of kayak polo providing a surreal contrast to the serenity portrayed in the photo. I’m also aware that there have been several occassions where the perfect sunset has been ruined by a small flotilla of brightly coloured boats. If you are one of those frustrated photographers then I apologise. Maybe it’s time to think out of the box and try shooting from an unexpected place. I think it’s time to try original views, rather than copies of ones we’ve seen before. Maybe that way we will see the world around us in a new way.


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